Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Something's Wrong With My World View 2

I like cereal, who doesn't? I'm not talking about the cardboard like "adult" cereals either. The good Cap'n and his (soy) milk defying crunchiness. The jazzy pep of the snap, the crackle and of course, the pop. The pebbles, both the fruity and the chocolaty. The list goes on and on. The best time for cereal is...well, anytime really. Though nothing beats a bowl of sugar packed goodness on a Saturday morning during a b horror flick, or some Spongebob.
That said, I felt compelled to share this. We have a local market called...wait for it...The Market, (I kid you not) and they carry several "off" brands. That's where I saw this. Sorry about the flash reflection, I felt odd enough taking pictures of cereal boxes to worry too much about artistic excellence.
Only thing this box is missing is a blurb "Packed With Protein!!" Let's talk about the shape of the puffs themselves, take a minute, it'll come (no pun intended) to you. I wonder if the R on his helmet stands for randy. I may need to pick a box of these up for myself, though I fear Saturday morning will never be the same again.


Another Limited Rebellion said...

Damn, that is some seriously kinky stuff!

Anonymous said...

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