Thursday, April 17, 2008

So Nice They Named It Twice

Well, I'm off to Nueva Jork for the weekend to see fambly. I have friends (no really I do, just ask them) who are heading up for New York Comic Con and I decided to tag along for the trip. I don't think I'll make the convention, unless I go for awhile on Sunday before it closes since face time with friends (there's that word again) and family is limited.
My nephew just turned 13, so I told his dad I'm giving him a pack of condoms, a lighter and a bottle opener. Hey, that's all I needed when I was 13, and let's face it, pre-aids the condoms were a suggestion.
Either way, I won't be around, and I won't get any internet time till Monday. My aunt has dial up and I'm a bandwidth snob.
So have a great weekend and in tribute to my now 13 year old nephew Logan (as in Run, not X-Men) enjoy this video I found on Funny or Die (which turned 1 today) that features Chris Mintz Plasse better known as "McLovin" a major geek, and Kristen Bell whose just major. Have I mentioned my KristenKrush before?
Hopefully I'll have something cool and geeky when I get back....

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