Wednesday, December 19, 2007

There Is A Place In Time.....

I thought I was done posting today, but I just found out USA networks The 4400 will not be returning for a fifth season. This is the show that out-heroed Heroes. It built on it's characters in a realistic way without having to be a star vehicle for anyone. Shows like Heroes and Lost could have learned a lot from a show like 4400 which juggled multiple disparate story lines while never letting you feel cheated, or like your favorites weren't getting proper screen time. Where Heroes is a straight forward comic, The 4400 felt more like a novel. Last season was slower than most, but not as slow or tired as X-Files was at the end, and I still feel it had Heroes beat. Hopefully The 4400 will return in some form to tie up some of the story line cliffhangers they spent all season building up to.

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