Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Cool Geeks I Know #1

Noah Scalin
This really has nothing to do with anything except the opportunity
to post a picture of my good friend Noah Scalin creator of the awesome Skull A Day blog and his evil twin Kevin Christiana AKA the straight guy on Project Runway.

In all seriousness, Noah is the creative force behind not only the Skull A Day blog, (check it out, I'll wait) but also ALR Design his socially conscious graphic design firm.
I only like him cause he worked at Troma and is in a party scene in Tromeo and Juliet.
So why is Kevin the evil twin? Easy, he's a bit younger than Noah, (evil twins are never older) and he's part of a competition where he gets to touch models. If Noah were part of a competition where he got to touch models, he'd at least invite me along to hold the camera.......nuff said.
That's why Noah is this months Cool Geeks I Know.


Another Limited Rebellion said...

I really do need to work on that touching models thing.

Anonymous said...

mmm hmmm.....
me too!


Charlie said...

I wonder who anonymous could be???

Anonymous said...

I was just laughing about them looking alike the other day!

Please get out of my brain! I dont think there is room for the two of us.!

B~ a friend of Noahs

Leah said...

I totally noticed this, too, and am now gasping for air seeing the two of them side by side.

Leah said...

Okay, now I'm dying to know if he and Noah have anything in common astrologically. Kevin's Myspace profile says he's a Gemini, as is Noah, but I can't find any other data for him, except that he's 31 and was born in Fairfield, New Jersey.