Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Random Thought

Do you really have the right to call yourself a progressive radio station if five of the last eight tunes you played were by the Cranberries, Nickelback, Norah Jones, Lisa Loeb and the Go Gos?

I'm thinking no.


timelord said...

I know you are writing from Richmond but here in NYC rock radio really sucks. There I said it. Same half a dozen songs all day and tons of crap.
On the good side, WNYC has a morning show they partnered on with Wkex (?) out of seattle. It's all new music. Like really new, bands that haven't been written about yet in the music press. SEVERAL months ago I heard that catchy song from the BLACK KIDS which is all the rage now. Plus BBC news on the hour. Highly recommended.

Charlie said...

There are actually a couple of good radio stations here. A local college station that has different programming throughout the day and a station out of Charlottesville which plays some great new, as in not nearly classic, rock. The station I was listening to was on already in the work van, and when they called themselves progressive I nearly lost it in radio induced road rage.
I'm kinda digging on Black Kids myself right now. What's funny about them is they do this 80's inspired stuff, while European bands never left the 80's and have that sound down.

Suicide Kitten said...

You guys think your radio sucks. I'm from Durban South Africa and we have a total of 4 stations who are in english and about 6 in Zulu, Xosa, and Afrikaans. Out of all 10 stations, 1 is slightly tolerable. I have no idea who the Black Kids are but I'm keen to find out. Just needed to rant :) thanks xo