Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I Completely Spaced! See What I Did There?

Yesterday I gave some updates to previous posts. Somehow I forgot one of the most important and immediate updates even though I had it written boldly on my Zombie Survival Guide desk calendar.

Spaced, the amazing BBC series created by and starring Simon Pegg and Jessica Stevens and directed by Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz) has finally hit our shores in a region 1 (U.S. for those of you not familiar with regionspeak) release. The set includes the whole 14 episode series and a ton of extras including additional commentaries with celebrity fans like Kevin Smith, Quentin Tarantino, Patton Oswalt, Matt Stone, Diablo Cody and Bill Hader.
You owe it to yourself to get this series. You owe it to everyone you know to introduce them to this series. You owe it to Tim and Daisy and Mike and Brian and Twist and Marsha and yes even to Tyres O'Flaherty to witness their lives in motion.

Spaced is one of the few shows that use pop culture references where and how they make sense. When Tim berates a child for wanting a Jar Jar action figure because Phantom Menace was crap and loses his job, it makes sense. I wanted to cry over Phantom Menace too. I know my thought process is a lot like those of the characters in this show. Rapid fire and full of iconic lines and scenarios crammed in there willy nilly just waiting for a chance to be needed.

Sigh, my mind works like a Looney Tunes cartoon.....

Spaced is also the series that inspired Simon and Edgar to begin Shaun of the Dead, and for that alone you must buy the set. Tim gets too stoned while playing Resident Evil 2 then dragged to a performance art show where he starts hallucinating zombies. I kid you not.
So go out and buy Spaced. Street price is around $35-$40, and it's well worth it.

be-de, be-de, be-de that's all folks.


Mica said...

I heart them SO much. My Comic-Con excursion has totally reverted me back to my hi-skool days of obsessive fandom. sigh!

Charlie said...

Tell me about it, I could have a Simon Pegg poster on my wall and not feel at all weird about it. Unless he were naked, that would be a little weird.