Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Web Of My Dreams...

I am pleased to report that my good friend and former/future collaborative partner Noah Scalin has won a Peoples Choice Webby for his year long blog/art project Skull A Day.
Skull A Day, now in it's final month needs to be seen to be believed. Noah is creating a skull image every day for a year and his dedication to this project has been nothing short of superhuman and it shows. I often hear about the sleepless nights of obsessing over what to do next, and he never dissapoints. If you haven't checked out his site lately, please catch up. If you haven't been there at all, what are you waiting for?
Skull A Day images will be released in book form this October, buy a bunch and give them out instead of candy this Halloween.
Guess I know what I'm getting from him for my birthday.


Anonymous said...

Hi...not sure if you remember me but this is Fran. We grew up together. Anyway someone I know was talking about Reagan Youth and I thought of you and wondered what happened to you. Found this on google. Just wanted to say hello. Hope you are well :)

Anonymous said...

HMm..wondered bout this one. Thanx for the review. I did see 30 days of Night on Monday...well worth it. I didn't think Cloverfield was all that, had to fight the urge to shut it off several times, wanted to give it a chance...but if that morn said "did you see that?! one more time, it was coming out of the machine. Anyhow, Cindy (Dan's Cindy)says
'Hi'.. Ciao for now..trappedinnorthcountry@yahoo.com

Charlie said...

Hi Fran,

Hate to ask, but could you clarify? I've known a few Frans and Francis'.
How old were we? What borough, mutual friends etc...
Always happy to reconnect with old friends. I look forward to hearing back from you. thanks for thinking of me.

Charlie said...

Hey Trapped,

Surprised you didn't like Cloverfield, I actually liked it more the 2nd time. I found the characters less annoying. 30 Days was well worth it, Josh Hartnett surprised me.
Glad to know you still talk to Cindy, Hi back to the bahama mama!