Friday, May 9, 2008

Emotions..? Must Be The Womans Times.....

Sorry this didn't go up on Friday, I started it then, but had to push it to the side, then I got lost in Liberty City. Hey, don't judge me!
I could cry, (it's true those hallmark commercials always get me) but I won't over the last new episode of 30 Rock this season. It seems like my friends had only just gotten back to me and they're off again. At least the season ended with a bang. A few great guest stars, great B plots and a look 3 months into the future. Jenna sings a song! A fantastic episode all the way through.

Can we get more Matthew Broderick? Having what I believe to be the 2nd most inspired name for a high profile guest stars character, (the 1st being Scott Baio as Bob Loblaw on Arrested Development) Broderick as Cooter Burger (this episode seemed fascinated by lady parts) was brilliant:
Cooter: Hey, we have a meeting with the Appropriations Committee like, now.
Jack: Oh no, I’m not prepared.
Cooter: I know, I’m not drunk either. But we’ll manage.

What better way to exemplify all politics than through Cooters insistence that a leak in the ceiling does not exist as water streams down onto a desktop:
Jack: The ceiling appears to be leaking.
Cooter: No it’s not. We looked into it and it’s not.

Come to think of it, maybe the leak is symbolic of another lady bit function white male conservative America is reluctant to believe in. That's right female orgasm, I'm talking 'bout you.

Speaking of orgasms. Tracy finishes his porn video game Gorgasm (colon) The Legend of Dongslayer:
Frank: Sorry about the wizard, Tracy. I’ll call the Korean animators.
Tracy: Yeah, you fixulate this!

Apparently, the game is so good Frank locks himself away for three months playing it.

Plot be damned though, this episode was on the verge of bursting with great lines. A lot of them came from Jenna who's been horribly underused since the show came back. 

Finding Kenneth in the hall:
Jenna: Kenneth, where have you been? I had to put on my jeans by myself!
After finding a home pregnancy kit in the trash:
Jenna: Oh no! Someone's going to get more attention than me!
On Pregnancy:
Jenna: As my mom used to say. "You never want this to happen."
Defending a 3-way with Tom Arnold and Roseanne:
Jenna: That was two years ago!
My favorite Jenna moment happened between her and Kenneth as she explained a "Back Door Brag."
Kenneth: The personal essay is way harder than I thought, cause it's not in my nature to brag on myself.
Jenna: Not even a back door brag?
Kenneth: What's a back door brag?
Jenna: It's sneaking something wonderful about yourself in everyday conversation. Like when I tell people it's hard for me to watch American Idol cause I have perfect pitch. You try it.
Kenneth: Oh, it's hard for me to watch American Idol because there's a water bug on my channel changer.
This comes back later in a talk with Liz:
Jenna: People always underestimate my instincts because of my good looks.
Liz: This is no time for back door bragging!

Liz's pregnancy scare also led to some great moments 

Liz' proud claim of promiscuity to Cerie:
Liz: Thank you Cerie, but I've been sexually active since I was 25.
Checking the calendar for her last "woman times."
Liz: Why don't I cross off the days like people in the movies?
Her views on motherhood:
Liz: I'm going to be a kick ass single mom. Like Erin Brokovich, or Sarah Connor.
(the last made funnier to geeks since Dean Winter who plays the suspected father, Dennis Duffy the Beeper King, also stars in the Sarah Connor Chronicles as Sarahs ex-fiance.)
She also left several manic messages on Jacks phone that lose the punch of the joke without the whole episode providing background info. Jacks reactions to the messages are great and need to be seen.

Speaking of Jack. He spent the episode in Washington at his new job in charge of:
Jack: Extreme Weather Preparedness and the War on the Poor.
Liz: You mean "War on Poverty?"
Jack: Yeah, ok. Let's go with that.
Jacks presidential assessment:
Jack: I don't like to think of this president as a lame duck. I like to think of him as a lame eagle.

I know you're saying to yourself, that's all well and good, but what was your favorite part? What made Charlie really laugh?

Well, it's a 3 way (not with Rosie and Tom) tie for me. In no particular order they are:

Kathy Geiss pulling a toy car out of her mouth
Liz: You're busy. I'll come back another time.
Kathy puts the car back in her mouth

Liz Finding Dennis in her apartment:
Liz: What are you doing here?
Dennis: I don't have to explain myself to you. Look, I told my mom I got a job so I've been coming here the last two weeks during the day.

Jack on the kind of plan he and Cooter need to get fired:
Jack: A guaranteed disaster. Like eating a burrito before sex.

I didn't even mention Petes Olympic Dreams crushed by Carter:
Pete: Peanut farmer.

Jacks nickname from the president: 
The Jacker

Dennis' baby names:
Morpheus if it's a boy or Judy after some chick he boffed if it's a girl.

Dennis' grasp of english:
Dennis: I know what prenatal means. Pre, before. Natal, ruined.

I could go on, I want to go on. It's just so hard to let go. Sniff, damn! I said a wasn't gonna cry. 

I'll miss this show for the next few months and may even re-watch the season. It's just my sharp wit makes it difficult to enjoy most mainstream comedies. (see what I did there?)

Anyway, it's time for my "Freedom Search."

Until next time.


Tere @ My Precious Studio said...

hey dummy. love reading your blog!

smashing blouse said...

I so look forward to your 30rock blogs each week.

timelord said...

You've lost me on the show but the one liners are funny. The kids sitting next to me at the cafe just told a joke.
A man goes to the doctor and the Doctor says;"You've got to stop masturbating. Man; "Why" Doctor:" Because I'm trying to examine you."
I thought it was pretty funny