Friday, May 9, 2008

It's A Dirty Job.....

I picked this game up for my boss' birthday present. (happy b-day John) Like me, he enjoys games of a bit more mature nature which made this the perfect gag gift.
So why this game and not the newest offering from Hannah Montana or some other kiddie fare?

Well, in my never ending battle to find unintentional porn and double entendres. The title of this game called out to me as the perfect title for a chubby chaser porno film. I even put a disclaimer on the box "not a redneck porno!" (regardless of the giant chicken, what's up with that? Mayhaps the Burger King is a furry.) so as not to get his hopes up.

Hey, if Noah can see skulls everywhere, why can't I find accidental porn. He just better hope I don't start a blog about it. Actually, I've probably just given him the idea for next years project.

Here's lookin' forward to Big Bumpin 2...with Ron Jeremy as the Burger King........

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Another Limited Rebellion said...

Ha! You better start that as a blog project!