Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dear Santa, I've Been A Bad Boy......

I love toys, (no, not that kind you cheeky monkey! Ok, but only if there's a safety word.) and I have dozens packed away at home since I have no more shelf space. What can I say, some people like little ceramic figurines, or balls of colored glass (ouch) but I'm all about poseable plastic in the shapes of superheroes, and the military and monsters....oh how I love the monsters. While I often get melancholy over the toys I've lost moving or through other means, I had a "life size" Spike from Gremlins, and an original Alien with the pop out mouth and many many more, I still do get excited over some really cool item. (Note to self: dig out your Sin City Marv in the electric chair that laughs when you fry him.)
So I got really pumped when Hasbro posted pictures of their upcoming Cloverfield Monster. Here are the bullet points from the Hasbro site:
  • 70 points of articulation and incredible life-like detail
  • Authentic sound
  • 14" tall
  • 10 parasites
  • Two interchangeable heads
  • Statue of Liberty head accessory
  • Special collector’s edition packaging
The only negative for me is the $99. projected price tag, but hey, I could get caught up in the moment of wanting to see Cloverfield raze Lego town to the ground. Hmmmm, maybe I'll reshoot Cloverfield in "Startling Legovision." While there's no official release date, there is a projected shipping date of 9/30 and Hasbro is taking pre-orders through their website here.

Now before I leave you with images of Cloverfield dancing in your heads, I have something else to show you. (no, not that you cheeky monkey)
These items are definite pre-orders for me. I'm sorry to say I missed the first three in The Dead series from Sideshow Collectibles, and may need to hunt them down on Ebay. I absolutely will not let these escape my greedy little clutches. They may actually push my decision to get a custom head sculpt done by Andgor Toy Company over the edge so I could lead my own army of zombie hunters across my shelves.
I think these would compliment any childs toy box as well as keep Buzz LightYear and those noisy Pokemon critters in check.

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Anonymous said...

OK, I can admit it. I have my (original) Charlie's Angels dolls (Kate Jackson is in Mint condition) on my shelf in my closet...lest my daughter will find them.. but my pride and joy (yes, yes, my kids are) is my X-files action figures of Dana Scully which comes with a gurney and a body under a sheet and Fox Mulder that comes with an alien. they are actually very well done-likeness wise. I almost had a seizure when my son (then 6) found the hidden, intact, packages and...gasp...ripped them both OPEN. I was so ready to have a hysterectomy that afternon. Mind you, most of my collectables are, girl-shit. My Charlie's Angels dolls (two different sets)plus the set of the 3 'new' angels (only the Drew Barrymore one looks accurate) and the original C.A. lunchbox (no thermos), also my DAWN dolls from the 60's. But I do have a Godzilla that is so cool and made in Sweden...there is a lot of detail...although that is sort of subjective too, since it's not exactly like there is a real Godzilla to model it after. I'm not particularly a girly-girl....but I guess there is just enough estrogen in my blood to make me buy, own, keep, protect these items. The "Babysitter" figure is definitly something i would get. Way way cool. I do have fun playing with my son and his collection of demons, monsters, heroes,transformers, etc. He does have some really great things and changes his displays weekly. He had a Terminator scene on his shelf for a while that was quite creative. His Predator stuff is great too and I give him credit...he had them co-starring togther on his shelf before that movie was even written. Uggh... more snow here last night.
Til' we chat again....trappedinnorthcountry