Thursday, February 14, 2008

Cool Geeks I Know: Numero Dos

Today I bring you a very special installment of Cool Geeks I Know. In celebration of Valentine Day, or Singles Awareness Day (SAD) my cool Geek Goddess is my wife Tere.

Tere and I have been married (to each other for those of you not paying attention) since late 2001, and were friends for some time before we began dating. We were two geeks at opposite ends of a bar annoying our mutual friend who owned the place (big shout out to Marina) with all things geeky, which at the time was a mutual interest in Lucy Lawless, probably for different reasons. “Charlie this is Tere, Tere this is Charlie, please leave me alone and talk nerdy to each other.” Marina kinda said, and that was that.
Marina, by the way; big fan of Frank Miller, so another Geek Goddess in my book.
But Charlie, you may ask. Aside from being a Lucy Lawless fan what makes Tere a geek?

Let’s consider the ways shall we?
Every morning, the first thing I do (after yelling at the cats to shut the hell up) is thank whatever deities are out there for blessing me, one who me..completely unworthy, with a wife who can be as geeky as I am.
True, you will never find a Wii-mote in her hands, but she’ll never tell me video games are stupid. Yeah, she has the hots for the cynically sarcastic anti-hero types, but hey, I’ve got two out of three going for me. She likes sci-fi and horror. She has a Dork air freshener in her car that has long lost the scent, but she likes it.

She’s been to a Xena and a Farscape and a Fangoria convention by her own choice and has her own collection of autographs. One of her favorite autographs is Gunnar Hansen, 10 points for Gryffindor if you can tell me who he is, my wife knows…

Her current favorite shows are Torchwood and Battlestar. If I asked her to pick something up at Gamestop, she’d bring the right thing home. She stood in line, so I could go to band rehearsal, to get my copy of Dark Knight Returns signed by Frank Miller. She spoke to Frank effin Miller!! She is supportive of my zombie obsession. American Psycho is one of her favorite films. Her most anticipated film this year is The Dark Knight. I can list the virtues of Teres geek cred for pages, but the most telling is….she tolerates me…barely, and was a driving force behind me starting this blog. I personally think she got sick of listening to me rant, but hey whatever gets you there.

Other ways Tere is great besides beauty and brains. She is a damned talented Jewelry designer. (she once made a Tardis key for a friend of mine) You can check her stuff out at
She is also a terrific mother to the pride of cats we have living with us.
So I just wanted to say thanks to my wife Tere for not throwing out my comics, and hiding my controllers and for watching Attack of the Show with me every night.

By the way: Guys, if you have a Geek Goddess in your life do something nice for her this valentine day. Let her pwn you at Halo, or read your comics before you get a chance (she won’t devalue them by looking at them, promise). Let her pick the movie, or (shudder) have control of the remote. Dance with her, you don’t like it, but she does. Whatever you do, consider yourself lucky to have a geek goddess in your life…..I know I do.


Tere @ My Precious Studio said...

awwww...happy vd to you too, hon.

Leah said...

This was heartwarming - thanks for sharing. Love you guys!

Another Limited Rebellion said...

Yep, you are definitely a lucky one!

Carra said...

AWWWWWW... tear. I love you two, and you both give me and lil geek hope. Love!!