Friday, March 28, 2008

What's The Dilly-O?

I’ve been called out and humbled, and rightly so, trappedinnorthcountry a regular visitor here laid it on the line with a “what’s the deal”, and I started thinking, what is the deal?

First let me say, it’s not all laziness. Researching stuff to write about takes time, and I’ve gotten more than a bit overwhelmed with evil (ok, not so evil) work stuff. I’ve also taken on a new/old project with my good friend Noah Scalin of the now famous Skull A Day blog. I don’t know how much he would want me to say about it at this point, but you should start seeing the fruits of our labor by years end.

I’ve also started training again for endurance running after taking nearly a year off, which means I’m starting from scratch. My wife Tere wants to run her first marathon and beat me by a year. (I ran my first for my 40th birthday in New York) She’s asked me to coach her (I’m on probation) so my lunch time is spent on the treadmill doing fast runs for me, and some of my evenings are spent doing slower strength building miles outside for her. Needless to say, I’m exhausted most of the time, but that’s just an excuse, and you don’t need excuses. You need curmudgeonly ranting, and I need to rant and/or gush geekgasms as the case may be. I’m not promising daily content, but I’m gonna try hard for 3 days a week which should give me time to research and write. Feel free to call me out when and if I stray.

One more thing, trappedinnorthcountry, thanks for the push. I needed it.


Patrick_Godfrey said...

I've been walking into walls and sobbing a lot 'cuz you haven't been in to dissect the last LOST before the break...where've you been?

Anonymous said...

somebody had to....(nudge you a bit) glad you are back. kudos for the ambition, always admired runners....I'm too tall look like a gazelle when running, skiing and snowboarding has worked out better;)besides, we won't see bare, dry, pavement for another month or